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Professional Consulting Services
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Project Management Services
Exercise Design, Implementation and Evaluation Services
Professional consulting is the core of our business.  We provide each of our preparedness partners, at no cost or further obligation, with a written evaluation of their current emergency/contingency/continuity plans and recommendations for any necessary additions or alterations.  Should that organization decide to move forward with us, Aegis Emergency Management will design and implement a set of comprehensive emergency/disaster protocols developed specifically for their needs.
Thank you for taking the time to review the variety of services offered by Aegis Emergency Management.  If you have any questions, need more information, or would like to schedule an appointment, please use the link on the right and contact us at any time.
Project management is critical to the effective implementation of new or up-dated emergency, disaster, or continuity protocols.  Handing over a new Emergency Operations Manual to an organization, saying "Thanks again for your business!" and then walking out the door is more than just ineffective - it's unfair and potentially dangerous.  Think of it in terms of driving directions:  There are plenty of ways to get from point A to point B, but you have to know the location of both A and B before you start.  Our Project Management Services help organizations know where they are presently (point A), where they need or would like to be (point B), and the options for getting there.
If your last emergency, disaster, or continuity program exercise seemed to be more of a "gotcha" event than anything else, or if it appeared more focused on finding fault with individuals than with testing how well processes or procedures worked, you are (unfortunately) not alone.  While the exercises designed and implemented by Aegis Emergency Management evaluate both procedures and people, they are first and foremost learning opportunities.  They afford our preparedness partners the opportunity to see their people and their procedures in action, but without the risk to life and property that a real emergency would obviously entail.
Corporate/Faculty/Team Training and Education Services
Whether you are seeking event- or hazard-specific training (earthquake safety, severe weather preparedness, etc.) or something with broader applications (crisis communications, lone assailants, low-tech threats to high-tech environments, and others) Aegis Emergency Management offers a wide and varied range of training options.  We devote significant time and resources to our Public Information and Awareness Initiative - a series of publications and in-person seminars developed to put emergency preparedness and response information into the hands and minds of as many people as possible.  We train literally thousands of people annually, and will be happy to create a customized program to meet your needs.  

Of course, if your organization has chosen to work with us to develop new or up-dated emergency, disaster, or continuity plans, the training of your team on those new plans is always included in the process.  
Emergency Kits and Supplies
Aegis Emergency Management also offers emergency kits as part of our company's overall footprint. We're not primarily a retailer, but so many people have asked about them during speaking and training engagements that we thought we would at least make the offer.  Each “basic” kit includes the following:

One (01) backpack, 17" x 12" x 5.5" 
One (01) disposable rain poncho
One (01) pair of leather work gloves 
One (01) pair of nitrile gloves, latex-free
One pack of three (03) dusk masks 
One (01) small bottle of hand sanitizer gel
One (01) roll of heavy-duty duct tape 
Plastic sheeting, 9’ x 12’
Two (02) 9-LED flashlights, batteries (3 AAA's each) included
One (01) whistle 
One (01) pocket notebook and pen
One (01) basic first aid kit, 57-piece 
One (01) manual can opener
Three (03) trash bags 
Three (03) glow-sticks
One (01) pair of safety glasses 
One (01) emergency blanket

One (01) copy each of Aegis Emergency Management's Home Evacuation Kit Checklist, Severe Weather Safety brochure, Earthquake Preparedness brochure, Winter Storm Safety brochure, Business Preparedness Guide brochure, and Emergency Preparedness for People with Access or Functional Needs brochure are also included.

To this basic kit you are able to add multiples of the items listed above or additional items such as a NOAA Weather Alert Radio, a hard hat, a more advanced first aid kit, MRE's, and others. The basic kit weighs in at right about three pounds, with plenty of room intentionally left in the backpack for additional items either ordered or added yourself (like clothing, extra medications, etc.)

The cost of the basic kit is $58.99 – which includes free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. Prices for customized kits vary depending on the items and quantities requested.