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Aegis Home Evacuation Kit Checklist:
Should you be forced to evacuate your home with little or no notice (and yes, it does happen), you will not have the time to search for and gather those items you feel you must take with you.  Our Home Evacuation Kit Checklist will help you organize and equip a kit with the essentials (physical materials, important documents, etc.) so that, should you have to leave your home, you won't be forced to frantically try to locate those things at the last possible minute.

Severe Weather Safety:  A tri-fold brochure that covers severe weather watches, warnings, and advisories, historical data, myths and misconceptions about severe weather, and recommended actions.  A Spanish-language edition of this brochure, Seguridad del Clima Severo, is also available.

Earthquake Preparedness Guide:  A tri-fold brochure about how earthquakes work, recommended actions and precautions, and historical/statistical data.  A Spanish-language edition of this brochure, Guia del Preparacion de Terremoto, is also available.

Disaster Preparedness Guide for People with Access or Functional Needs:  A tri-fold brochure explaining personal support networks, personal assessments, information and planning recommendations, and hazard assessments.  Also included is a Personal Assessment Checklist, which helps determine individual needs and challenges and how to best meet both.

Critical Crisis Communications Criteria:  A single-sheet flyer detailing the elements necessary for effective communications during a crisis or disaster.

Winter Storm Safety:  A tri-fold brochure addressing the various types of warnings, watches and advisories as well as recommended actions and precautions.

Pandemic Influenza Planning and Preparedness:  A tri-fold brochure that includes historical data, a timeline of the 2009 H5N1 Influenza Pandemic, and recommendations for planning and preparedness.
"Staying in the Game" - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Businesses Large and Small

"The Message" - Critical Crisis Communications Criteria

"Main Street Terrorism" - The New and Evolving Face of 21st-Century Terrorist Threats

"The Illusion of Security" - Low-tech Threats in our High-tech World

"The Language of Preparedness" - Language Barriers in Emergency Operations

"Preparedness versus Poverty" - Money as a Barrier to Adequate Preparedness

"Active Shooter!"  Tactical/Practical Response Options, Pro's and Con's

Disaster Economics 101

Lone Assailants - Mass Shootings and the Case for Non-Traditional Intelligence

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery - Program Evaluations, KPI's, and Impact Assessments

The Incident Command System (ICS) for Schools and School Districts - Introduction, Orientation and Practical Applications

The Incident Command System (ICS) for Healthcare Organizations - Introduction, Orientation and Practical Applications

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training and Certification

Leadership and Decision-making in Crisis Situations

Pandemic Influenza Planning and Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness for People with Access or Functional Needs

Severe Weather Safety and Preparedness

Earthquake Safety and Preparedness

Winter Storm Safety and Preparedness

Our mission is to help create a better-prepared world one community, one organization, one family at a time.  In support of that mission Aegis Emergency Management devotes significant time and resources to our Public Information and Awareness Initiative - a series of educational seminars, in-person training presentations, and printed materials developed with the goal of making emergency preparedness and emergency response information available to as many people as possible.  

The list of available materials and topics appears below.  If you have any questions, would like to suggest a topic or subject, or would like to inquire about customized training and educational options, please contact us using the link provided.

Printed Materials Available are available at no cost.
Contact us at any time regarding any of our available education and training options.
Community Resilience in the Face of a Disaster - an article published as an on-line exclusive (September 23rd, 2014) in Disaster Recovery Journal.
The Usual Suspects -  an article exploring the personality types and mindsets that often underlie resistance to business continuity, disaster recovery, or emergency preparedness measures both in and outside the workplace.  Published in the Winter 2015 edition of Disaster Recovery Journal.
Main Street Terrorism -  this article looks at the rise of so-called "lone wolf" attacks and puts for the premise that perhaps this is the new, evolving face of terror and quite possibly the most serious terror threat faced by our country.  Published in the Winter 2015 edition of Emergency Management Magazine.
The Language of Preparedness - explores the effects of language barriers on overall emergency/disaster preparedness, response and recovery operations.  Published in the Spring 2015 edition of Disaster Recovery Journal.
Preparedness vs. Poverty - Bridging the Gap -How the availability of or access to resources, or the lack thereof, affects the ability of a family or organization to prepare for and respond to an emergency or disaster.  Published in the April 2015 edition of At the Ready Magazine.
Going Off the Rails with Dangerous Crude Oil -The tremendous increase in the amount and frequency of crude oil by rail (CBR) shipments, the inherent hazards, and how communities along the rail lines are preparing for incidents involving this material.  Published as an on-line exclusive (July 9th, 2015) by Emergency Management Magazine.
It's Time for Federal Campus Marshals -  It's been almost three years since the atrocity at Sandy Hook Elementary, more than 16 years since the attack at Columbine High School, and we're really no closer to solving the problem of schools being targeted by armed assailants.  Is it time to implement a Federal Campus Marshal program (similar to the Federal Air Marshal program)?  You be the judge.  Published in the November 2015 edition of At the Ready Magazine.